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Our smallest and most compact automated handwashing station, ideal for any location in your facility

Made from durable, lightweight and easy to clean engineered plastic

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Resurgent’s CleanTech IC product line offers the same advanced hand hygiene technology as the original CleanTech line of equipment, but with a smaller footprint, making it ideal for food service, hospitality, retail and healthcare facilities.

Download Cleantech IC Specs here.

The CleanTech IC series is available in three configurations:

IC In-Counter: Designed to be built into existing workplace counter tops or other small areas. Easy to install and maintain.

IC Table Mount: The Table Mount provides a quick disconnect and set up allowing free standing portability on a stainless steel cart. Available with or without casters.

IC Wall Mount: can be located anywhere in your facility where water is available. Ideal locations are at entrances, and near access points for each ward.

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