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CleanTech 4000S
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  • Name: CleanTech 4000S

For high volume areas

Stainless steel durability

Ideal for post surgical recovery rooms, ICU's and NICU's, or any area where multiple stations would improve efficiency and accomodate higher volume of HCW's.

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  • Description:

The CleanTech 4000S Series is a multi-station version of the popular 2000S unit and is designed for high volume handwashing and sanitizing applications where precision cleaning of large numbers of people is required. The three hand cleaning stations of the 4000S are housed in a common stainless steel frame, but operate independently. The system provides the same handwashing efficacy and savings provided by the other CleanTech models, plus the benefits of using only a single water and drain connection, while offering 4,800 handwashes before solution needs to be changed.

Download Cleantech 4000 Specs here.

System Features:

Solutions Monitor - Indicates handwash solution flow.

Provides an alert when soap refill is required.

Self-Clean Monitor - Indicates Self-Clean flow. Self-Clean is used in the CleanTech Model 4000S system as a hard surface cleaner to eliminate the potential for bacteria colonization in the facility's drain system. Self-Clean cycle initiates every 24 hours unless programmed differently.

Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Resistant - The system can be installed in wet, cold environments where sanitation is performed and uses corrosion-resistant componentry inside and out (NEMA 4X and 6 rated).

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