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CleanTech 400
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  • Name: CleanTech 400

For small to medium sized operations or where space is a consideration

Available with faucet for use in areas where larger debris may need to be washed from hands prior to sanitization

Ideal for nursing stations, visitor areas, and food service preparation areas

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  • Description:

The 400 series units provide the outstanding versatility and cleaning efficacy, and benefits of the entire CleanTech series. The 400 has deeper wash cylinders to wash as high as the elbows; an optional faucet, and various configuration choices. The unit holds enough soap to provide 1,600 washes before the solution needs to be changed.

Download CleanTech 400 Specs here.

System Features:

Compliance Monitor - A cycle counter so that handwashing frequency can be easily verified for your SSOP, HACCP, and GMP programs.

Solutions Monitor - Indicates handwash solution flow.


Faucet - Operates independently of the system. Foot pedal or manual activation option available.

Configuration choices – wall-mount, table-mount, or counter-mount

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