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Automated hand hygiene systems improve skin health,
handwashing behavior, and help save lives.



Resurgent believes that good skin hygiene only occurs where there is good skin health. Contact dermatitis is ranked as a top concern for healthcare workers and is one of the factors contributing to poor hand hygiene practice. This condition can include redness, inflammation, extreme dryness, and chapping often caused by frequent handwashing or sanitizing with damaging and caustic chemicals and detergents.

The harmful effects to hands can result in decreases in hand hygiene compliance across the board. Even more worrisome, excessive dryness of hands can cause skin lesions, which promote the growth of bacteria, or excessive skin dryness — which presents the risk of higher bacterial colonization. In turn, HAIs are spread more rapidly throughout the healthcare system. It’s a frightening, but all too common, cycle.



Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, though a necessary part of the infection prevention process, are known to have irritating effects on the skin. Alcohol hand rubs work by stripping the outer layers of the skin, thus destroying the germs present on the skin. Overuse will inevitably cause dry and abraded hands and effect skin health.

A combination of handwashing with antimicrobial agents and application of alcohol-based sanitizers is recommended by most governing bodies and infection control experts, including the CDC. Automating the hand hygiene process with Resurgent’s automated handwashing stations eases the negative effects of excessive manual scrubbing and overuse of alcohol agents and actually improves skin health by not stripping the skin of the good flora.



Resurgent’s specially-formulated hand wash solutions are effective and gentle on the skin, containing mild skin conditioning agents that promote skin health.

CleanTech systems do not require abrasive scrubbing of the skin, and the handwash cycle is reduced to only 12 seconds with the use of our systems – which also provides a massage-like handwash experience through the use of 20 high-pressure water jets in rotating cylinders. CleanTech systems provide less irritation and, therefore, more frequent handwashing compliance.

A Guide for Improving Practices among Health Care Workers:
World Health Organization Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare

Resurgent Changes Behaviors

Improving hospital-wide hygiene compliance and reducing HAIs is Resurgent’s commitment to patient safety and to protecting healthcare workers from the dangers of infection.
Resurgent’s systems offer the first fully-automated, touchless method available for mechanical handwashing for the prevention of healthcare acquired infections. Resurgent increases compliance by making the hygiene process quick, pleasant and convenient to perform.

The system’s automation boosts hand hygiene effectiveness by ensuring uniform handwashing technique and consistent efficacy every time the system is used. It is also the only system that provides a powerful tool for compliance measurement through automated monitoring and reporting of handwashing events.

View this presentation on Hand Hygiene Behavior & Facts, then feel free to download and print in order to share with your colleagues.

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