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Who do I contact for questions and help?

You can contact your regional sales or service representative at the Resurgent home office located in Golden, Colorado.

A knowledgeable customer service staff and technical service staff is available between 8:00 am and 5:00 PM Mountain time at 800-932-7707 or 303-790-4670.

What makes your hand hygiene system better than a sink?

Standardization: The consistent wash technique, and accurate solutions delivery of the CleanTech system has been clinically proven to be more effective than a manual handwash.

Contact us for our Clinical Studies at info[@]resurgenthealth.com or 800-932-7707.

Efficacy: The CleanTech system reduces transient microorganisms on the hands by an average of 99%, and up to 99.98%.

Compliance: Employees are encouraged to wash hands by the nature of the CleanTech system.

We have been doing manual handwashing for years and have never had a problem. Why should we change? What are the benefits of automating?

Standardization: A good manual handwash is effective at reducing hand bacteria counts. If the manual handwash method could be guaranteed to be consistent from person to person and day to day this would be a good alternative. However, manual handwashing is inherently variable.

Important aspects of the handwash, such as amount of soap, amount of water, coverage of the hand (fingernails, fingertips, between the fingers, wrist, etc.), and duration of the wash vary from wash to wash. By automating the process, these aspects are closely controlled and each person gets a high quality handwash independent of the human variability factor.

If you have had no problems in the past, then statistically you are overdue for a problem. CleanTech will standardize each handwash and guarantee clean hands.

How does CleanTech encourage people to wash more frequently?

The twenty rotating spray nozzles in each cylinder provide a stimulating and pleasurable sensation on the hands.

The unit is easy to use. With a good compliance monitoring program and the use of the counter, wash frequency can be increased by performance feedback to the employees.

How do I persuade people to change their habits?

Compliance monitoring will identify a problem. Performance feedback (providing employees with feedback, such as performance reports, on whether or not they are washing their hands) will motivate employees to wash.

Can we shorten the 12 second cycle time?

The standard factory cycle length setting is 12 seconds, and is recommended for most applications.

The effectiveness of CleanTech can only be guaranteed at cycle lengths of 12 seconds or more.

My employees are complaining about cold water washes. What can be done?

The effectiveness of CleanTech systems — nor any hand wash — does not rely on water temperature, however, cold water can cause compliance problems. Using the CleanTech system is a pleasurable experience and motivates people to wash their hands if the water is at a comfortable temperature.

If the unit is located far from the hot water source, or if the hot water line runs through a refrigerated room, a booster heater can be installed near the unit. Please contact Resurgent for specific application recommendations.

We use gloves. Why does my company need CleanTech?

In a study by BioScience Laboratories that tested randomly selected vinyl food grade gloves, 80% were found to have pre-existing punctures or tears. In addition, gloves provide a more favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogens on the hands.

When handwashing was performed prior to gloving, no significant microbial growth was observed. In another study, hands that were initially inoculated with E. coli before donning gloves were determined to have significant counts on the outside surface of the gloves after use.

The CDC recommends washing before gloving due to the rapid growth of bacteria on gloved hands, and due to the risk of punctures and tears during use.

I use instant hand sanitizers. Why do I need CleanTech?

There are two factors that can reduce the count of transient microorganisms on the hands: Kill-on-contact, and physical removal.

Instant sanitizers will kill bacteria on the surface, but provide no mechanical means to remove any that may survive. The CleanTech system removes 99.98% of transient microorganisms by the mechanism of action and our proprietary hand soap.

If there were no mechanical action at all, a quat-based sanitizer at 200 ppm would only kill 80 percent of the bacteria in the 10 seconds that the sanitizer is on the hands.

The claim that hand sanitizers kill “most” pathogens has some hard limits that might come as a surprise, as these well-known sanitizers may not work equally on all pathogens, such as certain types of gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, Norovirus, Clostridium difficile, or Cryptosporidium. It’s important to know what hand sanitizers can, can’t and might actually be doing in order to protect your health.

In fact, alcohol gel sanitizers present some of the same challenges as handwashing compliance– and they are only as good as the user’s technique. Use too little of the product, not cover the entire hand, or not using it long enough and it may not be effective whatsoever. An American Journal of Infection Control study suggests that preferential use of alcohol hand sanitizers over soap and water for routine hand hygiene might be associated with increased Norovirus outbreaks.

A 1994 General Mills study concluded that instant sanitizers can actually cause an increase in resident bacteria. This is due, in part to the fact that bacteria are not being removed. In the case of an employee that harbors resident Staphylococcus aureus, serious consequences could result.

What is the difference between resident and transient bacteria? And what should my facility be concerned with?

Resident bacteria are those bacterial strains that are always on the hands, live in the layers of our skin, and are usually benign. In fact, they are even beneficial to good health. Some resident bacteria can lead to decreased shelf life of certain food products, but do not cause food poisoning or food borne illnesses.

Transient bacteria can and do lead to illness. They are not normal hand flora. They are picked up onto the hands from some contaminated source (doorknobs, viscera, utensils, etc.), and then the hands serve as a transportation method for those bacteria to contaminate another surface, or another person. CleanTech systems eliminate 99.98% of the transient bacteria on the hands in 12 seconds.

What about the fingertips? Does a non-friction wash really clean under the fingertips?

If the area under the fingertips is heavily loaded with contaminants, it should be brushed clean prior to using the CleanTech system. If not, CleanTech has four nozzles shooting straight up from the bottom of each cylinder that are designed to wash under the fingernails — assuming the fingernails are kept trimmed, per industry healthcare professional standards.

We really need a handwashing station, but it would cost too much to plumb water to where we want to install CleanTech. Any suggestions?

CleanTech units require the same service hook ups as a clothes washer — hot and cold 3/4 inch garden hose connections, a 1 1/2 inch drain, and 110 – 230 VAC power.

The unit can drain directly onto the floor if so desired. The system can be hooked up to a sump pump system to drain to a remote location, and we can recommend the best setup for this.

The potable water hot and cold supply lines should be 3/8 inch diameter minimum, with a flow capacity of 5 gpm at 40 psi each. These lines are common and inexpensive to install.

What hand drying methods are recommended?

Paper towels are the most commonly used and most effective means of drying hands. While heated air dryers have the benefit of no touch and no waste, they have been shown to harbor transient microorganisms that an aerosolize back into the air or onto the next user.

If air drying is needed, please contact us to discuss various solutions.

Do you have a local representative for service?

We have regional service technicians available on short notice. Call us for service requests and technical assistance.

Can we use less soap per cycle?

The standard factory setting for CleanTech is 5ml solutions per wash, which is appropriate for most applications.

The solutions draw can be set to customer specifications between 3 and 10 ml per wash for special applications. The efficacy of CleanTech systems can only be guaranteed when the unit is set to the factory settings.

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