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Hygiene Compliance

At any given time, more than one million patients throughout the world are suffering from healthcare associated infections. The total number of cases is rising, and millions of people are affected each year. In the United States alone , 200 to 300 patients die each day as a result of HAIs.Print

According to the CDC, “Hand hygiene is the single most important way to prevent infections.” However, hand hygiene compliance across the healthcare spectrum is estimated at only 30%.

And the problem, the danger, is getting worse with anti-microbial and anti-biotic resistant pathogens increasing and infections becoming more difficult to treat.

A number of factors contribute to low hand hygiene compliance among HCWs: lack of time, failure to understand the risks and dangers of HAIs, and fear of skin damage and irritation.

Mandatory HAI Reporting

Due to the increasingly high rate of hospital acquired infections throughout the United States healthcare system, the majority of state governments have either mandated or are in the process of mandating public reporting of HAIs. APIC, the CDC, and the Consumers Union continue to push for legislation that will help reduce the risk of acquiring a nosocomial infection during hospital stays.

Legislation varies by state, but generally either mandates the public reporting of infection rates of mandates reporting to state government. Much of the legislation also requires hospitals to initiate total infection control and handwashing compliance systems for staff.

You can search for state-based HAI prevention activities using the CDC’s map tool. Please follow this link to learn more.


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