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About Resurgent Health & MedicalNurses Using CleanTech

Resurgent Health and Medical provides state-of-the-art hand hygiene technologies for hospitals and healthcare facilities that are serious about infection prevention and the elimination of dangerous pathogens in the industry.

Our patented CleanTech infection prevention technology brings science and precision to the process of removing dangerous microbes from visitor, patient, and employee hands.

We protect your employees, your patients, and the public with touch-free washing systems that prevent the transmission of dangerous pathogens.

Resurgent’s Commitment

Nurse at CleanTech IC-ELFAt Resurgent Health and Medical, and the Meritech Division of Resurgent, we are committed to providing the most effective equipment and soap solutions that improve skin health, as well as technologies that prevent the spread of infectious pathogens in both workplaces and public arenas.

Recognizing that hands are the most dangerous vector for transmission of infectious disease, Resurgent has developed a proprietary soap and a patented line of automated handwashing systems which make washing hands easy for busy healthcare workers and pleasant for visitors and patients.

Resurgent has now developed new products and technologies specifically engineered and designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

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